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A premature newborn always benefits from a onesie from UAUA Collections. It allows your baby to move freely and doesn’t get in the way while moving. That makes a onesie ideal for every premature newborn and toddlers and is also fun to wear. A onesie for your premature newborn also facilitates changing their diaper. The easy buttons at the bottom allow you to reach it very easily.

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Baby wearing kimono long sleeves set in pima cotton | UAUA Collections

A premature newborn is assisted by a onesie

Every piece of our clothes is designed to help your baby. A baby has a lot to discover, but also needs to be kept warm and comfortable. Because it cannot say when it feels cold or uncomfortable, it is recommended to bestow it with the greatest comfort. Our sustainable baby clothes is a part of that process. With a onesie, you only have to dress your premature newborn with one piece of clothing. That way, it doesn’t take a lot of time to dress your newborn. Our collection of baby onesies ranges from premature newborn sizes up until three- or four-year-olds. If you want to go outside with your little one, we recommend buying a footie to also keep the legs and feet warm. Besides taking care of your baby, we also take care of the planet by ensuring all our clothes are ethically produced.

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With a onesie, your premature newborn can go anywhere. It is a perfect piece of clothing for every baby. If you want another kind of onesie that is very easy to dress, you can opt for our kimono’s for babies. Do you need some extra information about our services? Contact us and get an answer to all your questions.