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An organic baby onesie from UAUA Collections is made from the softest organic Peruvian Pima cotton. We offer sustainable baby onesies in different styles and colors for every season. Every baby onesie is produced with the greatest care and also in an ethically correct way. An organic onesie is a must-have and a definite staple in your baby’s wardrobe.

Try our organic baby onesies for a natural, soft touch!


Baby kimono onesie long sleeves in chocolate colour | UAUA Collections

An organic baby onesie keeps your little one warm

Because our organic onesie exists out of one piece, your baby will be able to keep itself warm. All the body heath will be preserved inside the onesie and won’t be able to escape. If you want to go outside, it is recommended to clothe your baby with a footie. That way, its feet and legs will also be provided with warmth and sealed from the outside air. As every baby onesie is very sustainable, you will be able to use it until the baby grows out of it. Afterwards you can pass the onesies on to your next baby or to the baby of a friend or family member. When your baby then becomes a toddler, you can still come to us for sustainable toddler clothes.

Onesies in different shapes and sizes

At our shop, you can find different kinds of organic baby onesies. We have a sustainable baby onesie with long or short sleeves and also with or without buttons. All the baby onesies are ethically produced in Peru with Peruvian Pima cotton. The design is made in Antwerp before we send it over to Peru for production. Our sustainable baby onesies also come in different sizes. We have onesies for premature newborns, but also for toddlers.

Get your hands on our premium quality products

To give your baby a sustainable and organic onesie is the greatest gift there is. They will be kept warm and comfortable and will be able to freely move. They will be able to wear our baby clothes from their day of birth until they are three or four years old. Visit our store and buy our organic cotton baby clothes online. Contact us for more information about our collection.