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When you are concerned about the environment in which some people have to work, you can rely on the ethically produced baby clothes from UAUA Collections. We design our clothes in Antwerp and produce them in Peru. That way, the cotton doesn’t need to travel before it is crafted in beautiful baby clothes.

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Ethically produced baby clothes for everyone

The baby clothes we produce ethically are available for everyone with a baby or a toddler. We manufacture sustainable baby clothes for newborns until one-year-olds. Afterwards you can buy our sustainable toddler clothes up until your kid is three or four years old. The cotton we use is premium Pima cotton, which is ideal for premature babies because of the softness and warmth. Because of the highly rated cotton, we want our baby clothes to be produced ethically. That way, our products are not only good for your baby, but also for all the people and materials it takes to produce the clothes. In our shop you can find different kinds of ethically produced baby clothes. Our assortment contains:

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