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Baby footies from UAUA Collections are great for sleep or play and are made from the softest Peruvian Pima cotton. These footies are not only timeless pieces, but also make the wardrobe of your newborn much more sustainable. A footie secures the warmth of the whole body of your baby, ensuring comfort in every cuddle.

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Baby footies in all sorts

All the footies for babies and newborns you find at our shop, are made with the greatest care. The premium Peruvian Pima cotton is ultra-soft to make the baby clothes as comfortable as possible. The newborn footies in our collection come in different colors, but also in different designs. Some look more like a kimono, while others have characteristics from a onesie. Alike all our other products, the footies for babies and newborns are ethically produced pieces of clothes. A footie is a very good piece of clothing for the early life of your baby. When it grows up to be a toddler, you will have to buy sustainable toddler clothes. A baby grows very fast. That is why you especially need sustainable baby clothes. It will allow your baby to move freely and will also last at least as long as it fits.

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A footie is a timeless piece of clothing every baby has worn at least once in its lifetime. The sustainability of our footies for newborns allows you to still use it afterwards, so you don’t have to buy new clothes for a new child. Every footie or organic baby onesie you buy from us counts for two. Buy your own piece now and enjoy a life where you don’t have to stress about your baby’s clothes.