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We are very excited to introduce to you our new Fall / Winter Collection, named ICA.

It’s a beautiful collection inspired by the warm colors of fall and winter, all made from 100% Peruvian Pima cotton.

The ICA collection exists out of 36 different designs, made in 4 different colors, from ages NB up to 4 years. The hands of the artisans are present in every piece, subtly breathing life into light textures that sit softly on the skin. From the meticulous fine stitching, bright colors of the fabrics to its long-lasting quality, these garments reference emotion and detailed work that are fundamental to the skill used to craft them.

Incredibly soft Peruvian Pima Cotton is (again) the cornerstone of our collection.

It is considered one of the world’s finest cottons,

not just because of its unrivaled quality, but also its sustainability.

Our cotton is organically grown in Peru, a country with thousands of years of experience in producing the softest cotton. It is grown in naturally fertilized soil with no chemicals, insecticides or pesticides, and is handpicked to ensure that the fibers are kept intact, which makes the end product incredibly durable and exceptionally soft.

From growth to harvest, Organic Pima Cotton is part of a sustainable ecosystem that helps care for the planet and ensures that the clothes we make are responsibly made and of highest quality.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new collection and wish it serves as a kind of reminder to pause and enjoy the fall and winter months ahead.

Discover the ICA collection