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At UAUA Collections, you can find preemie baby clothes. Those are baby clothes in premature sizes. Especially for a premature baby, it is important to have good clothes to keep the baby warm. A premature newborn mostly doesn’t fit in standard baby clothes, which is why we also offer them in premature sizes. That way, every preemie can enjoy the comfort of baby clothes.

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Kimono Onesie Long Sleeves in pima cotton - biscotti - Puno Collection | UAUA Collections

Every preemie needs good baby clothes

To optimize the quality of life of your premature baby, you best clothe it with comfortable and warm clothes. The premature baby clothes we design are produced in Peru with the highest quality Pima cotton. That way, we can assure our customers that our preemie baby clothes will be good for your little one. We want to assist you in that process by providing newborn clothes in premature sizes. We want to make your baby happy, so you can be happy as well. The difference our brand offers with our newborn clothes in premature sizes is that it is ultra-soft and very suitable for every newborn. Your baby will love it just as much as you.

Your baby deserves extra comfort

For extra comfort for your baby, our assortment preemie baby clothes contains various onesies. A onesie is a very good piece of clothing for every premature baby, because it keeps the body healthy inside the clothes. There are no gaps in the piece of clothing, so no hot air can get out. What makes our organic cotton baby clothes extra suitable for premature babies is the availability in sizes. The clothes for babies and newborns range from premature up to one year and even toddlers. That way you can enjoy our preemie and other baby clothes until your baby’s third or fourth birthday, depending on the size of your little one.

Provide your newborn with clothes in premature sizes

To achieve the best care for your baby, you need to provide it with clothes in the right sizes, from premature up until they are fully developed. With our premature baby clothes, you can already supply your preemie baby for its first weeks and months. Take care of yourself and your baby and buy clothes for your newborn in premature sizes in our webshop. Contact us at +32 479 43 06 44 or send an e-mail to to discover more about our preemie baby clothes collection.